The Oregon Clinic

Rock Stars Campaign

These are the doctors your doctors would go to. A tour-de-force of physicians dedicated to knowing the in’s and out’s of their individual specialties like no one else. A group this unique deserves to look, sound, and show up much differently than traditional healthcare messages. And with the Gastroenterology docs, that’s where we began.


How to clearly differentiate these doctors’ intensive experience, commitment to quality patient outcomes and reputation as leaders in gastroenterology? You just call ‘em what they really are: rock stars. Take away the taboo around preventative colon cancer screenings and the number of appointments go up — impressively so. A microsite pays off the messaging, keeps info about the docs and the procedure simple, actionable, and above all, human.


After an initial 3 week run, The Oregon Clinic saw a 60% increase in cancer screening appointments. By the end of 2013, the campaign had yielded 2.35 million impressions from TV ads and 2.42 million impressions from the online campaign. After three years, the total results were 5,664 site visits and 81 requests for appointments through the microsite.



digital design, advertising, online planning


advertising, healthcare, media strategy