Stumptown Coffee Roasters

Preparing a legendary brand for purposeful growth.

First, capture and clarify the undefined, soulful creative vibe of a worldwide coffee icon. Next, transform that into a sustainable platform for ambitious, intentional growth — and keep the unique company spirit intact. That was the challenge Stumptown’s new CEO brought to GB.

of staff directly involved

Our answer began with in-depth interviews of company stakeholders and staff. Working together, we developed and delivered a set of Mission, Vision, Values, and Brand Ethos that articulated (and inspired) the clear, companywide passion felt throughout the entire organization.

“The GB team always showed up with their A game, bringing insightful and strategic recommendations while always carefully considering our input along the way…The final output reflects ideas and insights from our employees and customers, is respectful of where we have come from, and is a solid strategic framework for where we want to go.”
Laura Szeliga
President of Stumptown Coffee Roasters

The way to get this right is to harness the wisdom of the entire organization. So we met in person with more than a quarter of Stumptown’s staff, and gathered brand perspectives from nearly every employee. Through surveys, we heard from 700+ customers and prospects, and learned about their perceptions of Stumptown and the artisanal coffee category.

With all the insights this brought, we sat down with Stumptown stakeholders—HR, Operations, Product, Brand Retail, and the CEO—to facilitate a series of collaborative creative development sessions. The result was a clear set of brand definitions, and a unified path for continued, authentic growth. And the Stumptown team was left with a clear vision that they could take real ownership of, because they’d helped define it.