First Interstate Bank

A regional brand outfitted for bold new territory.

First Interstate Bank’s CEO put it plainly, “We need to be relevant.” This directive began our exploration and rebuilding the experience of this 50+ year old, deeply-rooted regional bank. It had an eye on growth into new markets. But first it needed a better connection with its own branches and long-time clients in its heritage markets. It needed a brand to connect to.

year-over-year increase in CTR for programmatic digital media.

GB-led research illuminated a north star for the Bank’s position. From there, we developed a detailed blueprint for a revived brand that showed up as more immediately human — relevant — in media channels and life stages. New brand standards, new assets and criteria for implementing assets, new processes for delivering work — working holistically, uncovering gaps, developing near term strategies and long term plans. All of it in service to supporting community, making complex services simple, and building human relationships.

GB has been a tremendous strategic partner for First Interstate Bank, helping us refresh our brand and share our brand story as well as our products and services across 6 (soon to be 14!) states.
Sara Becker
Senior Vice President, Director of Marketing & Communications
First Interstate Bank

Brand Foundation

The Bank’s video anthem captured the spirit and purpose behind the brand and set the tone for upcoming work. Internal elements — thorough brand guidelines, an articulated brand platform, etc. — grounded and motivated a consistent brand experience moving forward.

Channel Strategy

A mix of modern digital and hyper-local traditional media drives results and supports business goals throughout the multi-state footprint. Performance is closely monitored — refined and adjusted as necessary throughout the campaign.

A New Normal: "20 Seconds"

In early 2020, the brand’s foundation allowed messaging to quickly pivot in an anxious, post-lockdown world. The Bank’s purpose has always revolved around helping local communities succeed; here, it responded with simple warmth and genuine compassion.

A strong foundation makes it easier to solve unexpected problems, and to create a messaging strategy that takes advantage of traditional and digital channels, often at a hyper-local level. After launching in 2019 on a wide variety of platforms, First Interstate’s newly aligned media campaign has brought dramatic improvements in visibility, and made it top-of-mind once again for millions throughout the American West.

audience reach for the full footprint

Local Business Focus

What drives a vibrant community? Local, independent businesses — and the people who own them, work in them, support them. Celebrating that passion, and demonstrating the Bank’s commitment to local success stories was a natural for this campaign and supporting materials.