Bob’s Red Mill

Scaling a beloved brand for new markets & diverse audiences.

Moving beyond a region you’ve called home for years into more complex nationwide markets, while simultaneously introducing new product SKUs and staying true to your roots — it's no easy feat. But independent, employee-owned Bob’s Red Mill was game. So was their brand; as agency of record for over 10 years, GB had prepared it for just this kind of run.

year-over-year revenue growth

The mission at its core: connecting with people of all lifestyles; making good food available to all. This ideal inspired innovative channel strategies to engage audiences in new ways. It also drove our approach to representation and inclusivity in campaign development, from branding to new product introductions. Every effort, always true to the brand promise — and the man behind it.   


A 2 min. anthem captured the brand’s spirit and the values driving the company; a strong foundation for the many supporting spots and campaigns GB built out over our 10+ year relationship.

With over 400 products and many audience segments with which to connect them, Bob’s Red Mill took a hearty challenge to Grady Britton and they have gone above and beyond with every campaign to wildly exceed our demanding expectations.
Matthew Cox
VP of Marketing
Bob's Red Mill

Foodies, millennials, organic eaters, and specialty diet shoppers consume media in a wide variety of online and offline media. GB’s media plans reflected that: interactive ads on Hulu, podcast sponsorships, customized testimonials, addressable TV ads, and hyper-targeted social media campaigns blended with traditional formats to meet audiences where they were — and deliver on the brand’s mission of “Good Food for All.”

Partnering with a BIPOC director and cast for our “Good Food with Great Heart” campaign added an important and intentional layer of perspective, continued building inclusion for the brand, and connecting with their broader audience. Combined with a bright design palette (carried through to print), the spots perfectly reflected an approachable brand with genuine human appeal.

For a retail product launch like Bob’s Bars, we extended the brand’s signature elements into an even more colorful, graphic space. A fresh new take on the real stars of healthy snacking: pure, wholesome ingredients.

Branded boxes share the inside story of new products with retail distributors in an authentic and personal way.