Positioning a 75-year-old global technology brand as an innovative industry leader.

If you’ve ever used a computer or electronic device, you’ve touched the work of Tektronix, Inc. (Tek). A renowned maker of test and measurement instruments since 1946, Tek unlocks insights and drives discovery for engineers around the world. Grady Britton reanimated Tek’s B2B global comms strategy in light of increased competition, reestablishing Tektronix as the premier leader in the test and measurement industry and amplifying Tek’s share-of-voice over global competitors.

increase in awareness

Best known for devices such as oscilloscopes, logic analyzers and test protocol equipment, Tek has played a critical role in humankind’s greatest advances over the past 75 years. Our work surfaced these success stories — across health, communication, mobility, and space exploration sectors — showcasing how Tek’s innovative solutions empowered engineers to create and realize those advances with unparalleled ease, speed and accuracy. 

Grady Britton’s PR efforts center on three key strategies: leveraging new product introductions to highlight innovation, demonstrating thought leadership within the test & measurement industry, and celebrating the company’s CSR efforts and community engagement.

Tektronix’ product launches are key to generating news coverage that ties back to a larger story of constant innovation. The result has been newfound recognition for Tektronix in the face of much larger competitors, and a broader recognition of their past contributions, current expertise, and ongoing drive to innovate. Additionally, customer stories provide real-world examples of how Tek’s products help the world’s leading automotive, education, and electronics companies accelerate their next breakthrough innovations.

PR Plan in Action

To truly go beyond “B-to-Boring,” Grady Britton sought out unexpected ways to tell the Tektronix story, including celebrating their incredible legacy as they marked their 75th anniversary in 2021. This created the perfect opportunity to reestablish their position as tech innovators, drivers of the digital revolution, and co-founders of the Pacific Northwest’s tech scene. Grady Britton stepped up with a wide-ranging media campaign that told this story to the consumer world, and established Tek as highly visible thought leaders in technology innovation, through expert articles and contributions in both trade and consumer press.

Event Support

Tektronix launched its first annual Technology Innovation Forum in 2021, a virtual global conference offering attendees the opportunity to learn about industry developments, trends and innovations across the test and measurement industry. Grady Britton promoted the educational sessions and expert panels to trade media. Regular placement of contributed articles by company leaders and experts, along with podcast and press interviews on topics ranging from how to market to engineers, the latest technology trends, and Tek’s efforts to create an inclusive and diverse workplace provide true differentiation from competitors in the industry.