Pilot House Distilling

The makings of a top-shelf brand story.

In creating their lines of award-winning premium spirits, Pilot House Distilling uncorked an even bigger opportunity of its own: establishing the brand behind it all. 

Working with a couple centuries’ worth of nautical lore, mystery, and enchantment, we helped distill the company’s own brand story, its purpose and overall expression.

Painted Lady Gin

Ornate, Victorian vibes take center stage, reflecting a taste of the enchantment within. Flourish frames a dark story of a mermaid with dark intentions. Story tells the tale of this recipe from another time. 

I love the design for Painted Lady Gin so much, I’m making it my next tattoo.
Larry Cary
Co-Founder & Head Distiller
Pilot House Distilling

Bar Pilot Vodkas

Timeless design language of maritime adventure and individual tenacity anchor this family of vodkas. For anyone who navigates the perils of the everyday, this vodka offers a steady hand.

Canned Craft Cocktails

The wilder, rowdier cousins to the spirits. Bold, overscale graphics take a refined brand DNA and turn it on its head. A fitting reflection of the fanciful Astorian spirit inside each drink.