Oregon Dental Association

Earned Media

The Oregon Dental Association had a simple PSA for kids: “ a healthy mouth leads to a healthy body.” Who they actually needed to see this message was a little more complicated: their main audience (parents and children). But earned media needed to reach legislative influencers in Salem. And even more broadly, larger state agencies like Oregon Health Authority and Healthy Kids.


Our idea? We relied on earned media and created a parody video* called “Teach Me How to Brushy.” A well-produced, entertaining, and highly purposeful parody, but a parody. (Our attorneys would like to make that parody part abundantly clear.) We recruited local celebrities such as Trailblazer legends Bill Schonley and Jerome Kersey, and local schoolchildren at Ockley Green K-8 school. For the legislators in the audience, we invited Rep. Tina Kotek and Dr. Bruce Goldberg from the Oregon Health Authority to also “Do the Brushy.”


“Brushy” not only blew past our goals, it was a PR and social media machine. In only one month, it skyrocketed ODA’s visibility:

  • 11,245 conversations and comments nationally
  • 5,057 views of “Brushy”’s Facebook tab
  • 4,231 unique visitors to ODA’s Facebook page
  • 76,339,572 messages in traditional media
  • 21,051,235 reached in social media
  • 569,671 video views
  • Winner, “Best In Show” 2012 PRSA Portland Spotlight Awards
  • Media outlets from Gawker to Huffington Post to CNN, not to mention dozens of local and national media outlets all ran the video on their sites and nightly news broadcasts. We even saw celebrities such as Whoopi Goldberg tweet about the video. And after Good Morning America previewed the video as their web pick of the day, now we can say that we moved Robin Roberts to groove in her chair.

* Inspired by the track, “Teach Me How to Dougie,” by Cali Swag District. Aww yeah