Giving Oregon’s Health Insurance Marketplace a Healthy Push


Enrolling in health insurance coverage isn’t likely a population’s highest priority. But for the State of Oregon, it is. Achieving that goal requires careful planning around very real obstacles: from ever-shifting enrollment requirements, to differentiating a State’s messages from private insurance advertising, to negotiating the urban vs. rural divide across a sprawling state. With a particular mix of helpfulness, optimism and clear information behind it, our campaigns have increased enrollment statewide each year they’ve been in-market.

"Because" Ad Campaign

Audience and culture-specific messages landed with timely and location-aware precision.

Total Enrollment For 2018
Increase In Enrollment Over The Past Three Years
66.5 Million
Impressions Delivered Via Digital Tactics
Click Through Rate On Digital Tactics Across Search, Social And Display

Facebook Ads

TV and Digital Video Ads

"Grady Britton has a great team. They became well-grounded in our area of expertise in a very short time, and they were able to meet all of our tight deadlines. The team is always responsive and enthusiastic, which helped make our campaign a success."

Joel Metlen Communications and Legislative Manager Oregon Department of Consumer and Business Services

Multicultural messages in Spanish and Russian helped establish an unprecedented level of trust in the State among skeptical groups.

Outdoor, Socials and Swag

A state seal-inspired mark and bright look telegraphed a distinctive purpose in a crowded healthcare space and underscored the State’s role.
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Specially targeted opportunities in digital and community-based venues brought the campaign to life.
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Tangible, useful bits of campaign-related materials complemented communications at the community level.
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The secret to the campaign’s success was the intricate plan that put the right message in front of the right audience at the right time.
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