City of Newport, OR

Branding & Advertising

The City of Newport wanted to establish itself as the getaway destination of the Oregon Coast. Its unique combination of working seaport, marine education hub, and classic beach town put Newport in a category no other coastal competitor could replicate. A potentially wide scope of media options, coupled with a limited budget, called for creative campaign planning as well as crafty execution.


What differentiates Newport is its unapologetic “realness,” the sights, sounds, and smells: barking sea lions on the docks, forklifts of seafood sharing the sidewalks with tourists. Capturing that experience was our first priority, developing a mark that evoked authenticity and a tagline that summed it up, “Newport. The coast you remember.” An immersive new website acted as a key indicator in how effectively the brand was connecting with audiences, converting digital visits into “heads in beds” from strategic AdWords campaigns. Cable TV spots kept the message simple, real, and unscripted, just like a trip to Newport should feel.


Through the advertising campaign, the City consistently saw 16-17,000 impressions/month on its website – our call-to-action destination. Over two years, the campaign increased traffic to the site 23% and 34% respectively.


Brand Identity, Advertising, Digital Design and Development