ICS / Blount

Integrated Marketing

ICS specializes in tools that make quick work of concrete demolition: specifically, innovative hydraulic chainsaws outfitted with diamond chain. These machines’ unique form factor allows them to do what most tools in this category can’t— making plunge cuts and square corners with ease, eliminating costly patching and repair work. Jobs go faster, more money gets made.


ICS wanted to launch a new generation of saws to the general contractor market with more than the usual dry specs. They needed buzz. GB’s solution: present a dark twist to a story everyone’s heard and think they know how it ends: the Three Little Pigs. Our campaign featured a bit more to the story— ie. a certain something the Big Bad Wolf had on hand that made quick work of the pigs’ brick house. Quite a memorable way to offer up a product demo. Print ads, and a series of viral videos made their way around contractor circles, and all paid off to a microsite (mmm-bacon.com) that offered more product detail— as well as delicious bbq recipes.


The World of Concrete had never seen anything like it: Big Bad Wolf was at the industory’s premier show to meet sales people who’d received a pound of bacon as a invitation. All appointments for demos at the show were filled pre-show, with unprecedented press coverage for the launch of the of the product. 


Advertising, Video, Microsite, Identity Design


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