Advertising & Video Production

Flextronics is that $30 billion company you’ve probably never heard of, but interact with everyday. A global design, manufacturing and logistics giant, Flextronics builds end-to-end solutions for the world’s most respected brands and new ventures.  


Changing a company’s manufacturing process has huge cost implications—both in expense, and in potential extra value. For Flextronics, appealing to C-level decision makers of the world’s most powerful companies meant initiating that conversation in deliberate and relatable ways. GB devised a unique magazine wrap campaign that essentially put the Flextronics’ 10 most prominent execs onto the cover of Fortune magazine, and delivered those monthly issues to a carefully targeted list of recipients. Each exec was positioned as a thought-leader in their category, giving a human face to Flextronics’ broader capabilities. A powerful corporate video highlighted the company’s position and led off corporate speaking opportunities as well. 


The magazine wrap campaign was timed to complement an ongoing PR campaign for Flextronics’ visibility in mission critical categories. Each issue paved the way for each exec’s appearance in key venues and taken together, gave Flextronics a robust foundation for driving new business opportunities.