Branding & Website Development

When you work in a B2B industry, how do you explain to people what you do for a living without making their eyes glaze over? In our line of work, we help businesses answer that.

Last year we met with ENTEK, an international company that makes battery acid separators and extruders. Based out of Lebanon, OR, they are responsible for separating the positive and negative plates in 90% of the batteries in the world. Whoa.

Before they came to us, each of their divisions had a different name, logo and website, which didn’t showcase that this company, in a small town in Oregon, is a huge player in the world market. We wanted to help shift that.

After some initial research, customer interviews and brand exercises with the partners, it was pretty obvious that the first step was giving the company one cohesive brand that would position themselves in the marketplace, and a website that would support that brand. Collaborating with ENTEK, we were able to bring together their three different divisions under one robust site that is mobile friendly and full of technical information that’s both engaging and easy to read.


Rebranding, Website Development, Tradeshow Booth Creation