To everyday consumers, healthcare has been one of the most charged topics of our generation. Political uncertainty, red tape quagmires, cost concerns, etc. — all have put brands in this space in an uneasy position with the very people they’re here to serve.

The good news: for healthcare brands ready to claim their voice, their mission, in a truly differentiated, human-first manner, there is real potential to stand out. Communication focused on prevention and personalized care will lead the way. Technology has turned consumers and patients into active shoppers for procedures and services, and they’re now more empowered than ever to influence your brand.

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Branding and Advertising Development

JOURNEY WELL. Women's Healthcare Associates is in a unique position to deliver on their promise of providing the area's best holistic, long-term healthcare for all women— regardless of age, race, belief, or orientation. Strategic positioning for this brand began by drawing a clear and very visible distinction between WHA and general healthcare. Giving it a voice, a presence…

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Healthcare Marketplace Advertising

Enrolling in health insurance coverage isn’t likely a population’s highest priority. But for the State of Oregon, it is. Achieving that goal requires careful planning around very real obstacles: from ever-shifting enrollment requirements, to differentiating a State’s messages from private insurance advertising, to negotiating the urban vs. rural divide across a sprawling state. With a particular mix of helpfulness, optimism and clear information behind it, our campaigns have increased enrollment statewide each year they’ve been in-market.

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Earned Media

POWER TO THE PATIENT. Empowering the average healthcare consumer with clear, useful info to compare the cost & quality of common medical procedures among different doctors is this start-up’s goal. In the booming med-tech space, cutting through the noise of competitors is key. Our solution: use earned media to demonstrate HealthSparq’s people-first position by delivering…

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