Bob’s Red Mill

Going From Northwest To National

Bob’s Red Mill is a beloved Northwest natural food brand focused on whole-grain products committed to providing people everywhere with the best quality foods available, including whole, unprocessed foods, and believes these foods should be at the core of every diet.

For the past 10 years, Bob’s Red Mill has partnered with Grady Britton’s for strategic media planning and buying services to increase awareness and drive sales through a strategic mix of media that evolves year over year.  No matter how markets and audiences change, how many new SKUs they introduce, or the type and size of the marketing and media effort we provide, our media channels connect with new and existing consumers across the country to generate results.

year-over-year revenue growth

Our media team has continuously crafted plans that have run nationally, regionally, all the way down to a zip code level. With the market research, consumer data, and tools we have available, we continue to accomplish client goals across all audiences. Whether we are using national print, podcast sponsorships, or interactive TV to connect with consumers who are hungry for his message of whole-grain health, or targeting very specific lifestyle segments like foodies, specialty diet consumers, active and outdoorsy, organic food purchasers, millennials, moms, our media plans have always worked hard to introduce a brand, increase awareness, drive trial, create preference, and engage passionate eaters through a variety of media. 

With the changes in client objectives and consumer behaviors, our plans have always included modern online and offline media tactics that ensure our clients stand out in new and unique ways.

Digital Channels:

  • Hulu - ran a test using interactive ad units for more content via TV remotes
  • Addressable TV - ran 2 test campaigns in the New York market specifically targeting households that purchase Gluten Free product consumers and home bakers
  • Hyper-Targeted Programmatic display, video, and retargeting to key markets and audiences.
  • Podcast advertising with over 30 podcasts, using content and host integration vs. traditional ads
  • Customized testimonials on Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard
  • Exclusive sponsor of America’s Test Kitchen Proof podcast featuring BRM segments
  • Customized social media contesting as an extension of offline media
  • Custom Sponsorships: Content, Events, brand partnerships, and more

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard Podcast


This American Life Podcast

Martha Stewart Bakes

Traditional Channels:

  • Broadcast television in top-20 markets
  • National cable networks
  • Addressable TV reaching households that use Gluten Free products
  • NPR radio with station host read live reads
  • Print (Consumer and Trade): National print, regional print, localized
  • Outdoor using a variety of strategic placements for Billboards and creative wallscapes and digital spaces
  • Custom Sponsorships: Content, Events, brand partnerships, and more