We’ve Been Named Among the 2018 Best Businesses for the World!

At Grady Britton we like to say that GB stands for getting better, because we believe that impactful and exceptional work is always work in progress. In fact, our mantra is “Leave today better than yesterday.”

So imagine our surprise when we heard the news that we had been named “the best” — not the “most dedicated” or “better-est” — and not just best in something, but best for the world. That’s right: our agency was ranked on the 2018 Best for the World list in the Worker Recognition category.

The Best for the World list is compiled annually by B Lab, a nonprofit organization that certifies companies for B Corporation status by evaluating business initiatives for social and environmental change. The list recognizes companies with B Impact Assessment scores in the top 10 percent globally. These are corporations making a truly meaningful impact for causes pertaining to workers, community, customers, governance, and the environment.

We’re immensely humbled and honored to achieve the Best for the World distinction. Marketing and branding are what we do, but the purpose on which our work is founded, and our impact on the larger community is why we do it.

In terms of worker recognition and well being, we make a point creating an open, transparent, and low-stress organizational culture. Whether we’re engaging in biweekly meditation sessions, bowling on the agency team – Bowlable Hours, or having a Buoy Beer during our weekly Fridays at 4, the environment at Grady Britton looks markedly different from the high drama and burn-and-churn ethos of countless other agencies. Many of our team members have worked for marketing and advertising firms, be they large or small, that generate creative energy through intensity. We try to avoid that here, but make sure to retain the energy, passion, and smarts. We want our people to bring their whole, authentic selves to the job—and that requires getting a good night’s sleep.

Another workforce initiative I’m proud of is Grady Britton’s diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiative. We’ve recently established DEI benchmarks, and are encouraging candid, open, nonjudgmental conversations around diversity, equity, and inclusion at our agency. DEI is also a major component of how we hire and train new Griffins. And we’re at work in our community: engaging with, donating resources to, and forming channels for underserved groups who lack access to the industry.

While we hope this people-first approach improves our ability to positively impact the world, frankly, it’s just good business. A shared focus on doing the right thing makes it easy to attract, communicate with, and build collaborative relationships with clients. Many of the companies we work with are B Corps themselves. There are fewer obstacles to creating extraordinary work when there’s a baked-in alignment of values.

One of those values, as I mentioned at the top of this post, is continually striving to improve. Truth be told, this isn’t the first time we’ve been ranked as the “best.” But rather than simply congratulating ourselves and popping the champagne (which, don’t get me wrong, we certainly do), we make sure to come into work the next day determined to refine and redefine what it means to be the best. And do it better tomorrow.

GB President Paige Campbell says it, well, best: “Doing the right thing is ingrained into the foundational ethos of Grady Britton. We will continue to learn and improve as we work for positive and meaningful change.”

For more information about GB’s mission and B Corp journey, and to meet the lovely people on our team, visit our About page.

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July 9, 2018
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