What Being a People-First Brand Means

Putting people first is at the heart of what we do at Grady Britton. Sure, we’re a full-service creative agency that develops and expresses brands in all of their glory. We just do so through a human lens.

We take pride in being a people-first brand, and working with clients and partners who are, too. It begins with who we work with, and means prioritizing brand missions — values over volume. Not only do we  decide if a client's values align with our own agency values, but we also consider how our work for a brand will enable them to have the most impact for their business and customers. We may decide to take on a smaller client because we know our work will catapult them to do bigger things and affect change. We’ll dive deep into a new industry to understand how our client can evolutionize it. 

Ultimately, we care about a brand’s mission, just as we know the people who make purchasing decisions conscientiously do, too.

People are making these decisions based on their values; they also want to feel valued. So successful marketing and advertising is about connecting with them as people — not as “audiences.” That connection, over time and trial, creates loyalty. We ensure our work with clients gets there. It’s a constant evaluation and navigation around the potential impact of our decisions, which means constant collaboration. 

We always begin with a search to understand — ethos, needs, goals. Our plan for how we can best help is never static. Just as people are inherently different, brands are as well, and a shared marketing challenge does not equate to one right answer.

That’s where goodness comes in. We don't just do what we do to do great work (though that’s great, too); we do it to create strong relationships that help us learn, grow and evolve together, to impact industries and to catapult the brands hell bent on doing the right thing.

It’s something we’ve been doing for 45 years, because we’ve learned that by putting people first, people do pretty amazing things.


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September 5, 2019
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