GB Is Winning At Beer

First Annual Grady Britton Beer Test

Fostering GB culture is a (mostly) effortless part of our everyday, but occasionally we like to give ourselves a little boost. When we reached an agency goal last month and spun the GB Wheel of Fun to choose our reward, it landed on ‘Blind Beer Tasting.’ Stakes of our mostly innocent end-of-the-workweek [email protected] ritual skyrocketed. Beer? Competition? Game. On.

Portland is home to some of the best breweries in the country, as well as businesses devoted to our beer culture. Brewvana is one of those innovators. They arrange tours by bus and foot, reaching all parts of the city and all types of brewers. They also gave us access to ten local brewers whose amber ales, IPAs and stouts populated our tasting… and ever so consuming testing.

Here's How It Went Down

beer placemat

Vince, GB Design Ninja, created the ‘Beer Test’ placemat and beer description sheet. We paid him in beer. He was okay with that.

picking up the beer

Sarah and Veronica visited the breweries and picked up growlers of beer on the Friday of the event.

setting up the beer test

We set up the official tasting in our conference room, with small bites from Bunk Bar nearby GB HQ.

beer tasting

Tasters were given a sheet with each beer’s name, and description and had to guess which was which. Really tough work. And yes, there was some re-testing.

winners of the beer test

After some serious sipping and savoring, we had our winners! Jenny won two spots on a Brewvana tasting tour. Rob won a growler of Everybody’s beer and a growler of Tom Traver’s homebrew.

all the beer tasters

The real wins? Everyone discovered a new favorite beer, a few were surprised to learn the actually liked IPA, and many were floored by the taste of Traver’s homebrew, with a variety of hops magically at work.

thanks Beervana

There’s nothing quite like a competition where, yes, someone can win, but where every one takes home a prize. Score one for GB culture!


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January 9, 2014
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