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Pie, Tapes, Produce & Beer

You know those days when it's hard to think of places to eat, parks to enjoy, things to do, etc.? We often look to sites like Sunset and Travel Portland for local fun, but sometimes they don't offer the diversity and excitement you're looking for. So what are you going to do?!

Here you go – a 90 minute excursion that includes 4 fun places all located at the same intersection in North Portland. When you step out of your car on the corner of Albina Avenue and Sumner Street in North Portland you'll find yourself gazing up at a huge 13 foot carrot sitting on top of Cherry Sprout Produce. Hang on! Don't go running to it just yet. This is just to let you know you're in the right place. The first stop on our list is Sweedeedee, one of those line-out-the-door places that's actually worth it. They offer items like a breakfast burrito, "potato plate" (served with baked eggs, trout, and salsa verde), and pie. This ain't no ordinary pie, it's called Salted Honey Pie, and it'll be the best pie you've ever tasted.

Cherry Sprout Produce - Giant Carrot Cherry Sprout Produce | by Marci MacFarlane
Honey Pie Salted Honey Pie | by Jen Stevenson Mississippi Records Mississippi Records | by Jamie Francis

The other great thing about Sweedeedee are the mix tapes they play. That's right, I said mix tapes, but I'll save the tape resurgence topic for another post. Sounds from obscure 50s soul to New Zealand 80s pop are just some of the genres featured on the mix tapes curated by Mississippi Records located next door. Holding true to their "Love Over Gold" motto Mississippi Records provides hard to find music cheaply. They carry only vinyl, cassettes, and great quality used stereo equipment. The employees are very friendly and knowledgeable. The best thing about their mix tapes is that they cost $3 and the variety of music allows you to discover lots of great, lesser unknown bands. I highly recommend "We’re Gonna Make It – Part One - Early Soul Music."

TIP: The Portland Museum of Modern Art is located in the basement. It's free and open to the public.

Now that you're full from pie, and bought some new music, head back over to Cherry Sprout Produce and pick up your weekly groceries. They offer fresh local organic produce and provide a welcoming environment for art, music, and community events. Every neighborhood needs a place like this. Sharing a wall with Cherry Sprout is the Red Fox Bar – a dimly lit, hole in the wall place with interesting art, decorations, and a rad jukebox heavy on deep 60s soul. So grab a beer, relax, and enjoy! It's the perfect place to conclude your excursion.

Red Fox bar Red Fox Bar | by qPDX
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July 15, 2014
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