The Growing GB Family: Welcome OakTree Digital!

features_oaktreeToday’s an exciting day here at GB – we’re so excited to announce that we’ve acquired OakTree Digital, a terrific agency here in Portland.

As OakTree Digital’s Founder/CEO John Schmitt decided to retire, he was looking for an agency that’d be a good fit to support their clients and his staff for years to come. And here we are. We share a lot of similar perspectives as OakTree — our strong cultures, our obsession with solving business and brand challenges creatively, our devotion to Fritos.

But more relevant, this new relationship is an excellent opportunity for both our companies to accelerate forward where clients need it the most, now and into the future.

We deepen our digital capabilities. Look: it’s no secret that the web (mobile or otherwise) is here to stay. By adding new people at GB who are focused on digital, we’re just expanding in the areas where our clients need us to be. With our combined in-house team we’ll be able to support multiple platforms including WordPress, Drupal and Sitefinity, in addition to more robust capabilities around systems integration, ecommerce and application development.

We can expand services available to clients. Going forward, we believe that the integrated capabilities GB brings to the table (PR, media services, advertising, brand development, branded content strategy & development) will be a great opportunity for OakTree to provide additional services to its web-centric clients.

Our team from OakTree Digital will continue to run their business as “OakTree Digital, a Grady Britton Company,” and their team is reachable via all their existing OakTree contact info. They’re working now from the Grady Britton offices, where we’ll all be doing everything possible to ensure that their clients’ projects continue to move forward, with the highest degree of service and creativity — hallmarks of both OakTree and Grady Britton alike.

But from today forward, we’re so excited to start working together as one team, looking ahead at all the incredible possibilities that exist as we join forces.

Welcome OakTree! Here’s to our future together.



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February 19, 2013
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