Screening Is Believing

hello-colons page-colons2 Colon cancer screening. Now there’s a concept you just can’t wait to connect with, right? In 2012, the good folks of the Department of Gastroenterology at The Oregon Clinic approached us with the goal of increasing colon cancer screenings. Our solution: give the group’s nationally-recognized doctors and their uniquely human approach to early detection center stage. Outdoor, :15 tv and web spots introduced Rockstars of Gastroenterology and supported the campaign, Screening Is Believing. The work generated significant awareness in the market—and, most importantly, more screenings than the team had seen in years.

Back again this year, we had the chance to update the Screening Is Believing microsite, making it even easier to scan and act on. We turned impactful colon cancer stats into knowledge nuggetsperfect for  homepage infographics. We augmented the site’s content with new information and doctor videos on what to expect before, during and after a patient screening. We added a FAQ section and several brief patient testimonials to give prospective patients a better understanding of what is involved in getting screened. All the better to demystify and disarm — and save even more lives.

stats-colonsIn addition to adding valuable content to the site, we redesigned and updated the structure of the site from a fixed width layout to one of a responsive nature. This allows the site to perform beautifully across all screen sizes and from desktop to mobile. In fact, responsive web design has become the optimal way to build websites due to internet usage patterns shifting from predominately desktop browsers to mobile devices. We wanted to make sure the Rockstars of Gasteroentrology kept rocking no matter what platform the visitors were on.

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June 11, 2013
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