How Agencies Can Foster Brand Equity and Inclusion

Creative agencies are in a position of influence. The intent of the work produced on behalf of clients is to be seen, to affect decisions and to engage audiences. From brand creation through to advertising and in-market implementation, this work has the ability to either perpetuate the norm or push for change. So as good partners, the responsibility to advocate for inclusivity and elevate equity in clients’ brands and their marketing efforts often falls on agencies. 

GB Director of Client Services, Shane Wolfsmith, writes in MediaPost about how agencies can determine where clients have power and influence, or could, and bring it to life in truly meaningful ways. He says, “When goals and objectives around DEI are clearly embraced and illustrated in the defining stages of a client/agency engagement, then it becomes easier to hold each other accountable throughout the process. Change is often uncomfortable, challenging and comes with its own set of risks, which is best managed together as partners.” In the article, Shane outlines when in the process to have the conversation, and how to do it to earn buy-in. So you can do it, too.

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