New clients in San Diego, Seattle, and cities in between

Just coming off three months working with three new clients, Balfour Beatty Construction, Flextronics, and Numera, and thought we’d share what’s been happening on their behalf. First up: Barnhart Balfour Beatty, a construction company based in San Diego, who was referred to us after our work with their sister company Howard S. Wright.  Barnhart Balfour Beatty came to us as they planned to take the brand of their parent company Balfour Beatty Construction. Working with them was a delight — not just because we were able to create an integrated program for them using PR, digital, advertising, internal communications and brand development. These guys at Balfour Beatty Construction are class acts. They are market leaders in San Diego, and have deep relationships in their community. Throughout the brand change, we worked at all levels (internally and in the community) to ensure people recognized that the only thing changing was the name on the door. Heading slightly north to new client Flextronics, GB just launched a new direct mail program this amazing company. With US operations based in San Jose and headquarters in Singapore, Flextronics is a global Fortune 500 company that builds everything. Literally. Their challenge to us: educate other Fortune 1000 executives that for any manufacturing or logistic need, Flextronics can handle it. Our direct mail program wrapped four pages of advertising around a guest subscription to Fortune magazine, and was mailed to the who’s who list in global business. Results forthcoming as we just shipped our first mailer this month. (Bonus: stay tuned for a preview of Flextronics’ new corporate video; ready for public viewing by end of November.) Numera is our third new client partner this quarter. Numera is a Seattle-based company that creates technologies that help individuals and caregivers manage ongoing health conditions and meet health goals. They recently retained us for public relations and social media services.  Over the past three months, we’ve been getting Numera some visibility (check out their feature story in Informationweek), and helped Numera launch their new business venture, called Numera|Social. This is an amazing mobile+social wellness tool for consumers to participate in wellness programs and share their results with health providers and their Facebook friends. The application is based in Facebook and has an iPhone mobile component, so that anywhere a consumer is, they can engage in healthy behavior. In just the last three months of our Numera PR/social media outreach program, we’ve seen a total media reach (online, print and social) for this client’s message at half a billion impressions. Thanks to all these clients for the terrific opportunity to help you move your business forward. We love it when creativity and smartness are solutions to business problems.

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November 14, 2011
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