Mixin it up in the COLABORATORY: fresh juice

Much like a good margarita, our recipe for top-notch creative juice is always open to tweaking. An addition there, an experiment there. That’s why we’re participating in an innovative internship program via the Portland Ad Fed called the COLABORATORY. For six weeks, we’ll have three different interns in the nest, as they learn the agency ropes and prepare a pitch to a local clothing design company. We’ve already been following our first intern, Bryan Davidson, but it wasn’t til we found him on twitter that we really geeked out. In most other cities, agencies don’t play well together. COLABORATORY is different, bringing 11 local agencies together to provide the best internship experience possible. It’s about celebrating our unique strengths, and playing nice together can only bring in more creativity, more inspiration, more of what keeps us all in the business. Cheers to that.

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July 2, 2008
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