Killer Announcement to Make

Our office is full of high-fiving killerbreadheads today because we just officially added Dave’s Killer Bread to our client roster, and we… are… so… freaking… excited. We talk a lot about doing work for “brands with a will to be great,” and that could not be more true of this one. You’ve probably tried Dave’s Killer Bread (which is unbelievably good) and heard Dave’s personal story (which is unbelievably inspiring), but what you may not know is the work that they’re doing to help others — from people in need of food, to people in need of a second chance. It’s a wonderful company, with an extremely passionate and genuine team behind it, and we truly could not be more thrilled.

So we’ll be kicking that off shortly — helping them to develop their brand and raise awareness for their company, products and new markets through PR and social media. Stay tuned for some of that work.

In the meantime, we had the pleasure of touring their bakery in Milwaukie last week and have some preeetty awesome photos to share…

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July 17, 2012
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