Introducing Tatiana Skomski, GB’s New PR Account Coordinator

tatianas-familyMeet Tatiana Skomski, our new Public Relations Account Coordinator. Tatiana originally joined Grady Britton as an intern over the summer and once her internship was over, there was no way that we could ever let her go. Now we’re excited that she’s officially with us as a full-fledged member of our GB team! A University of Oregon alum, she served as the University’s Chapter Liaison for the Public Relations Student Society of America. She’s racked up a pretty impressive resume for just graduating in 2016!

Check out some of her admirable achievements on her LinkedIn page. But for the real scoop, we asked her ten questions you won’t be able to find the answers to anywhere else.

GRADY BRITTON: What drew you to Grady Britton?

TATIANA SKOMSKI: When I was graduating from the University of Oregon and trying to figure out where I wanted to start my career in public relations, Grady Britton stood out to me for many reasons. First, I knew I wanted to work for an agency where doing good was just as important as anything else.

Second, working in an integrated environment was important to me. I wanted to have the creative energy around me that comes with working in a creative, integrated agency focused on marketing, branding, design, as well as public relations.

Lastly, and most importantly, the people at Grady Britton drew me here. The people I am blessed to work with are not only incredibly talented, but make coming to work every day fun.

What are three words that your friends or family would use to describe you?

Caring, passionate, driven.

What is your greatest irrational fear?


Describe your 80-year-old self. Where will you be? What will you be doing?

My 80-year-old self will be living on a large piece of land somewhere in Oregon or the hills of San Diego (where I was born and raised) with my very own dog and cat retirement community. There are so many elderly animals that need loving homes at the end of their lives that don’t get adopted, so I would love to able to do that for them. My animals throughout my life have helped me through some tough times, and I think it would make me happiest to give some of that back to animals who need some love at the end of their lives.

Who is your dream client?

A company that is doing good in some capacity. I think that goes back to why I was attracted to Grady Britton and the overall B corp ethos. And I would love to work with a company that wants to take a risk and do something a little out of the ordinary.

What gets you up in the morning?

I think my general love for the industry I work in and the desire to never stop learning is what gets me up in the morning. My grandmother was a huge influence in my life and always told me that I could do whatever I wanted with my life as long as I worked hard and never stopped learning—so that’s my fuel in life.

Is there a food you can’t or won’t eat?

Pickles. I hate pickles.

What is your favorite beverage?

Underwood Wines is one of my favorites. I’ve grown to love things that are locally grown and made living in Oregon for a few years now.

Where/what is your dream vacation?

There are so many places I want to travel to! I would love to go to Bali or Fiji. Somewhere tropical and far away, so that I can really feel like I’m getting away from it all.

Dogs or cats?

Both. There’s no way I can choose between the two.

If you want to learn more about Tatiana, feel free to send her an email at [email protected]!

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December 12, 2016
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