Introducing Sqooch!

sqooch-facebook-cover-imageEverybody, meet Sqooch!

Have you ever considered how hard it would be to leave one music streaming service for another? Maybe you’re listening to Spotify or Beats Music right now, just thinking about the world of better features and potential value on the horizon. But wait!—how do you replicate those magical playlists about breakups, clubbing and road trips? Who will save these music lovers?

Enter Sqooch, the latest project from Grady Britton Labs. With Sqooch, you won’t lose those hours you spent painstakingly crafting the transition between “Big Pimpin’” and “Build Me Up Buttercup” (epic transition, by the way) while making a music streaming switcharoo.

Yes, that’s right. Sqooch is a free web app that lets people transfer their music library and playlists between Spotify and Beats Music (and eventually other platforms) with just a few clicks. How to Sqooch your music:  

  • Go to;
  • Sign in to your Spotify and Beats Music accounts;
  • Push a button to migrate your libraries;
  • We email or text you when it’s ready (the exact amount of time to Sqooch can vary)

Forsqooch-logo now Sqooch works with Spotify and Beats Music, but we are considering adding Rdio (and others) later. When we’re not changing the world for clients, we’re deep in our labs making some pretty cool new tools like this one — and Twuffer. A great demonstration of one of our core values to “create everyday.”

Twuffer, which launched before Hootsuite (cough) in 2008, now has more than 361,000 users and has processed OVER 3 MILLION TWEETS. Won’t you help us make Sqooch equally popular by sharing this all over the place? Also, we’d love your feedback on what other streaming services we should consider adding in the future. Drop suggestions in the comments below.

Congrats to Joey, Andy, Vince, Devon and the rest of the Griffins on the launch of Sqooch. Let’s all raise a glass to music streaming FREEDOM.

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April 2, 2015
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