Introducing Jen Luecht, GB’s New Senior PR Account Manager


Meet Jen Luecht, our new Senior PR Account Manager. Jen’s passions? Communications and food. That combination alone would basically make her a perfect Griff, but we can’t ignore her years of experience with local firms and businesses, as well as her cred as a PR and social media pro. Jen has worked with several of our talented neighboring creative agencies, including Struck, Koopman Ostbo, and Attic Media. She’s also been involved in Harper’s Playground and the Portland Film Festival.

You can find out more about Jen’s career and goals at her LinkedIn page, of course. And instead of using this space to further detail her achievements, we thought we could provide you with a unique portrait of Jen by asking her ten questions she hasn’t had the opportunity to answer before:

GRADY BRITTON: What drew you to Grady Britton?

JEN LUECHT: Grady Britton definitely romanced me. When I first met the team, I was immediately enticed by their dedication to clients and excitement about the day-to-day work. How amazing is it to get to work with people who love what they do? It’s contagious. I’m thrilled (and very thankful) that I’ve joined an agency that loves many of the same things I do and that holds itself accountable to the promises it makes.

What do you hope to accomplish in 2017?

This past year I finished my masters in Strategic Communication. Because I was earning my degree while still working full time, all of my days were comprised of either school or work. So now, I have around 30 extra hours per week. Thirty sweet, sweet hours! I hope to use all this newly acquired free time for something delicious and good, such as spending more time pursuing outdoor adventures or picking up a crazy new hobby. I’m currently taking suggestions if you have any ideas.

What are three words that your friends or family would use to describe you?

Optimistic, spontaneous and an instigator. Although I like to think of this last one more as persuasive…

What is your favorite Portland hangout?

This totally depends on my mood. But, a good ‘ol failsafe is Pepe Le Moko. Best old fashioneds and amaretto sours you’ll find in Portland. I’m also a serious sucker for Forest Park. Whether it’s a casual jaunt, trail run or post brunch mini-hike, count me in.

What is your greatest irrational fear?

Creepy dolls. Like the one Paige had on her desk…

Do you have any hidden talents?

Besides tying a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue? I can play four instruments: piano, violin, guitar, mandolin. Piano and the fiddle are what I know the best. It’s always been a secret dream of mine to join a bluegrass-folk band.

Describe your 80-year-old self. Where will you be? What will you be doing?

I like to think I’ll still be living a bold and audacious life, day-to-day and of my own design. There’ll also be cats. Lots of cats.

Is there any food you can’t or won’t eat?

Calamari. It’s a texture thing. Although this aversion has always confused me. I’ve tested my pallette and tried and enjoyed similar foods for example, fresh, steamed snails gathered from a garden near where I lived in France. My first bite was the one slowly crawling across the plate.

I’m also allergic to mangos. But this is so disappointing, I prefer not to talk about it.

What is your favorite beverage?

I love, love, love coffee. So please don’t make me choose just one roast. Also on my must-always-have-stocked-or-who-knows-what-might-happen list: whiskey.

Dogs or cats?

Cats! (Please see 80-year-old self question). Although I’m not hating on dogs due to an obsession with newfoundlands.

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December 22, 2016
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