How To’s for Blogger Engagement, Small Biz PR and Rawking Media Relations

In the last month, GB’s PR department has penned a series of best PR practices for companies looking to earn trust and credibility from their customers. Check out a quick compilation of our newest contributions: PR blog from Portland reporter featuring Grady Britton We love contributing advice on PR strategy, because it’s a great way for us to share what’s worked for us and get input from others on their experiences. But perhaps the best advice we can give clients about successfully executing PR strategies comes not through our words, but in our behavior– and how we practice our PR craft. For example, when Lindsay Yale, in the course of “doin’ her thang,” is showcased by a top local reporter for “Doing PR the Right Way” how can you not love that? It’s great recognition, and a great reminder to practice what you preach. That’s really what PR is, isn’t it: demonstrating, not saying?
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March 18, 2011
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