How Brand Values Impact the Agency Business

Can you run a successful agency if you focus on your values, relationships and what is really meaningful to people? Grady Britton President and Partner Paige Campbell thinks so, and we’re proof. She writes in MediaPost about focusing on meaningful work, and how agencies should consider what they’re affecting in the world and who they’re affecting it for. 

But it’s more than just the feel-good stuff. Even when opting to be an agency set out to do good, business is business. So while helping the good guys win feels great, agencies have to be prepared for the business challenges to do that work. There will be sacrifices. There will come a time when you have to say no to a big budget. 

In the article, Paige shares more about how to lead with values in every business decision, and the benefits agencies experience when it works. Because the world needs what responsible, thoughtful brands bring. It also needs agencies that help those brands succeed. 

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