Grady Britton Launches “Big Bad Wolf” Campaign for ICS Concrete Chainsaws

Portland, OR (May 27, 2008) – The three little pigs got away in the classic children’s fairytale, thanks to one little pig’s ingenious idea to build a house made of brick.  But what happens when the Big Bad Wolf, the pig’s nemesis, gets his hands on an ICS concrete chainsaw?  The result is an effective viral marketing campaign designed to grab the attention of the concrete chainsaw buyer. Portland-based agency Grady Britton launched a rebranding and viral marketing campaign for ICS – a Portland-based concrete chainsaw manufacturer – designed to attract general contractors and construction workers. The agency started with a new logo and tagline, and then created print ads, viral videos and a microsite telling the story of how the Big Bad Wolf finally triumphed over those delicious little pigs, thanks to an easy-to-use and unstoppable concrete-cutting chainsaw. Viral Videos and Ads Make ICS Stand Out Grady Britton created two viral videos and corresponding print ads for the Big Bad Wolf campaign, designed to make ICS stand out in a sea of industry ads solely focused on product function. “We wanted to show how functional the products are, but in order to really gain the attention of general contractors, we needed to serve it up in a more remarkable way,” said Andy Askren, Grady Britton creative director.  “Once we had their attention, we could promote the product’s attributes and drive traffic to the ICS website.” The agency is running the print ads in contractor and construction industry publications to drive traffic to The ads feature either the “before” concept, with the Big Bad Wolf coming through a doorway he cut with his ICS chainsaw; or the “after” concept, with the three pigs roasting on an open fire, the wolf kicked-back with his ICS saw at his side. The ads contain absolutely no text except for the newly designed ICS logo and microsite address at the bottom.  The URL is designed to continue the theme. The microsite contains the full viral videos, with the “before” video offering a product demo as the wolf cuts easily into the brick house with flawless 90-degree cuts.  The site also includes an intro from the Big Bad Wolf – introducing visitors to how the story of the Three Little Pigs really ended – great product attributes from squealing pigs and delicious pork recipes.  A link to the main ICS website helps visitors take the final step to learning more about the company and its products. Low Awareness Among Target Audience The campaign is designed to remedy the target audience’s low-awareness, as well as concerns about product safety and ease-of-use. ICS is a respected brand among professional concrete cutters, but most general contractors still use circular chainsaws when cutting concrete.  ICS’ diamond-cutting technology and unique blade design allows for less work – especially when making 90-degree cuts – and surprisingly safer results.  GB transformed the company’s logo to visually communicate the 90-degree cutting abilities and created a new tagline of “Concrete. Stone. Masonry. Unstoppable” for both the microsite and all ICS branding materials. Launched in November 2007, the campaign has already shown success.  Grady Britton is tracking visits to the microsite, and has seen more traffic when the corresponding print ads are in rotation. Celebrating over 30 years in business, Grady Britton is a full-service advertising, marketing and public relations firm headquartered in Portland (OR), specializing in creating consumer, business-to-business, and branding campaigns for organizations in a variety of industries. For more information, please contact: Lindsay Buchele 503.228.4118 [email protected]

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