Designers Side-Eye Facebook’s New Corporate Logo

Design is often subjective, but a good strategy is usually reflected in the final execution—when done well. Facebook debuted its new logo in early November, with the intent to represent the entire company and its subsidiaries, think Instagram and Messenger, among others.

AdWeek collected responses from designers, asking what they thought of the new look. And while you can never be sure about the discussions that led to it, Grady Britton designer Paul Levy offered a tepid opinion. 

“While I’m not a fan of generic wordmarks, I can tolerate them when they are the primary mark for a brand. What’s particularly confusing about Facebook’s new corporate mark is that it has to co-exist with the brand mark that, presumably, will continue to live on the platform. Creating a corporate mark that doesn’t leverage, or at least pay some kind of homage to, the brand mark seems confusing, bordering upon design malfeasance.”

Paul did add, however, that he imagined the designer was likely in a no-win situation. 

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