GB Lab Update: Twuffer’s 10 Millionth Scheduled Tweet

It’s a huge week for our beloved tweet-scheduler! Twuffer is on the verge of 10 Million scheduled tweets! We continue to be blown away by the growth and excitement around this tool — which we built for fun! It’s been a trip for us… and very encouraging for the GB Lab concept in general. We see things like this inforgraphic:

This was created by¬†Juliana Payson and published on Business Insider — and puts Twuffer on a map with some other really great social media tools. That’s what makes this incredible for us.

Anyway, a couple special thank yous as we reach this 10 and all of its zeroes… to all of the Twuffer users, fans and feedback-providers. To our illustrious Twuffer creators and maintainers, @joeyyax and @dayn. And to everyone who has made donations to keep it going/growing. You all enable this to exist as a free tool. We appreciate that and literally could not do it without you!

Here’s to another 10M.

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June 22, 2012
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