First Annual Mini-Golf Tournament


How does GB spend an otherwise gloomy Friday at Four? With trains and giant dog tongues and sand traps… aka Agencywide Mini-Golf Extravaganza.

Gb's Senior Digital Designer, John Bohls, himself quite the duffer, challenged the office to not only match our golf prowess against his (and each other’s) but to build our own mini golf masterpieces, in the form of six holes spread throughout the office.

A general hole construction kit was made available to all hole engineers, which included 1 foam ball-catching "hole", large strips of cardboard, general purpose tape and an official tournament ball for testing purposes. John took on the role of head groundskeeper, which meant a visit from him during the building process to ensure all holes complied with basic mini-golf tenets and an offering of his expertise on hole construction (more cardboard and green tape, please!) Joey Yax, our Web Developer, took on sound design(!) — yes, this was immersive, people! — for each hole, setting up a device to give our creations the appropriate soundbath. Vince Skelly made sure our scorecards were appropriately bright and GB-awesome.

The games began in high style, with a myriad of putters and a handful of snacks, and soon our halls were echoing with cries of triumph and groans of defeat.


madnesschallengesandboxlairpopcorntrain chase

And the winners were…


Vince Skelly - Mouth of Madness Prize: Gift Certificate to Mississippi Pizza


Jenny Yamada - Train Chase Mike Proctor - Griffin's Lair


John Bohls Prize: Professional Golf Lesson courtesy of Redtail Golf Center, Tournament Sponsor


Kevin Schmidt Looks like John’s game will get a little bit better and Vince’s friends a little bit closer. But I suppose after such an afternoon we could say the same is true for all of us.
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March 10, 2014
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