AMA+BRM+GB = How to keep a beloved brand innovating

Bob's Red Mill - Train with Grain banner Dayn and Paige presented the Train With Grain case study today at the AMA Oregon chapter luncheon with clients Matt Cox and Cassidy Stockton from Bob’s Red Mill. Thanks to everyone for coming out and listening how Bob’s decided to build community and engage people with their brand. We love working with Bob’s! For those who missed the presentation, here are the choice quotables from the session. For a more comprehensive summary, check out the AMA Oregon Twitter feed, or the hashtag #amapdx.

  • Everything you post to your blog or your social network should be relevant to your category. Add value. (Dayn)
  • Use PostRank, My6Sense and other topic tracking tools to generate a reading list for content ideas (Dayn)
  • Your blog is part of your brand. Its look and feel should reflect that (Dayn)
  • Tale a poll of readers to learn what content they want to see more of on the blog (Cassidy)
  • Endurance athletes are a great audience to target for Bob’s Red Mill because they are also influencers in their social circles (Dayn)
  • We’re always looking for smaller, niche audiences to be a part of (Matt)
  • We’re not just sending out swag and free product – we’re engaging them in the brand  (Matt)
  • Bob’s has a warm oatmeal tent at Cyclocross races and noted that athletes wanted more engagement and product (Cassidy)
  • The Train with Grain program is a subset of the Bob’s Red Mill blog, just as endurance athletes are a subset of the larger BRM community (Dayn)

Oh, and for those interested in Train With Grain 2010 results, we saw around 14,000 monthly blog page views, 320 blog subscribers, about 30+ comments on popular blog posts, and 800 participants. That’s all sorts of whole grain stat goodness. Bob's Red Mill and Grady Britton at the Nov 2011 AMA Luncheon

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November 8, 2011
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