Why Anchorman 2 Mega-Publicity Is The Best Ever

Ron Burgundy

If you’ve not seen a Ron Burgundy/Anchorman promo recently, I’d be shocked. Will Ferrell’s character—the loud, womanizing, and hilarious send-up of 70’s stereotypes—is owning the cultural spotlight, all in support of Anchorman 2 (which I will see this week).

One could argue he never left: Burgundy is a cult figure for fans of 2004’s runaway hit Anchorman, appearing on shirts, mugs, posters, underwear, ice cream pints, and—of course—bottles of scotch(y scotch scotch). 

So it’s only fitting that Anchorman 2’s viral marketing has essentially taken that cult status and amplified it times 1 million. No media outlet or product is safe from the Burgundy. But what’s truly impressive is how Paramount’s PR team and Ferrell have managed to pull off the myriad stunts, appearances, and buzz-worthy moments—and stay classy doing it. 

Without further ado, your roundup of all things Burgundy:

Limited Edition Products


TV, Radio, and Event Appearances

Social Media and Digital


(By the way: even though it appears our classy hero was beaten out by The Hobbit at the box office opening weekend, I still say Ron Burgundy wins at publicity.)

Image via USA Today

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December 23, 2013
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