Local non-profit about to become not non-visible

Trying to pick which local charitable organization is going to get your commitment of $25,000 of in-kind marketing services isn’t easy. But the winner of our first annual Grady Britton Grant has been picked… just not announced. Yet. June 12 and 13 brought a flurry of applications for our way of giving back to our community. That type of last-minute drive brought a smile to our faces here; so very reminiscent of, of, of ourselves, really. We knew it would be hard to go wrong with our choice. But choose we did, with the grand proclamation to come very soon, as early as even this week. To all of the applicants, thank you. You showed what a wonderful community we live in, one lucky enough to be served by you, and we hope to work with all of you someday soon.

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June 30, 2008
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