What the plus is going on with Google+

Google+ social strategy and how to use itIf you’re feeling a little bit befuddled by Google+ right now, we don’t blame you. It’s one more social channel to deal with, it’s meeting mixed reviews, and while there are some great features (hangouts, circles, etc), people don’t seem to be embracing them. Here’s the thing… while we don’t know how/if users will continue to use to Google+, we do know that there’s value to unique content and that Google has the ability to reward valuable content in search. That’s the one piece that’s immediately worth it for everyone. Because every time someone interacts with you on the Google+ platform (which can be as simple as clicking a +1 button), it gradually improves where you show up in search results. In a post we wrote back in August (Five Things You Need to Know About Google+ Right Now), we said, “If there’s something for marketers to be giddy about here… brand pages are it.” We still believe that too. Beyond the search benefits, there’s a lot of potential here. Even though you might feel limited in what you can do with your brand page right now, there will absolutely come a day when it will be integrated into Analytics, consumer behavior, AdWords, Google Docs, location-based targeting(!), and more. Right now, it’s all about search. In the future, it will be about unlimited integration into everything you do online. Those are the things we’re most excited about. Our Google+ advice: establish your brand page now, incorporate the +1 button into your website, create valuable content, and start dreaming bigger.

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December 16, 2011
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