Travel Portland Digimarc Competition

usatoday.travelportland copyWe recently had the opportunity to take part in USA Today’s Print Ad Competition— a national contest meant to demonstrate the power of storytelling and the relevancy of the print medium.

Partnering with our good friends at Digimarc and Travel Portland, we created “The World of Portland,” an awesome print + digital experience where your mobile phone detects hotspots in the ad and serves up different bits of Portland goodness– videos, Instagram feeds, etc.

While we didn’t win, we’re still super excited with how it turned out. We were able to bring Portland to life in an extremely tangible and immersive way and pull users into an authentic PDX city/culture experience. Plus we had a lot of fun.

Click the image to see a larger version if you’re interested. And an extra special thanks to our awesome illustrator Cole Gerst!

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February 4, 2013
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