Introducing the New Clean Energy Works Website

We just wrapped up a new project for Clean Energy Works that has us (and our client) all abuzz with excitement. Their new website is a brilliant new face for this awesome organization that's transforming communities across our region.

There's a few things that make this site pretty special in the eyes of the Griffins who worked on this – including Joey, John, Jill, Devon and Andy.

Many of us feel the greatest benefit of this redesign for Clean Energy Works' business is how easy (we hope) the site makes it to quickly learn why and how a homeowner should work with Clean Energy Works. The entire site content is set up so the visitor is taken down a natural, easily digestible ‘path’ that explains who and what CEW is and what they can do for your home. Messages are concise. Services are clearly outlined and explained in ways that relate to customers' experiences. The new features of the site (HomeScope and the eValuation) make it possible for a prospective homeowner to "try on" how Clean Energy Works might help them, to help make the experience real for their unique home situation.

And all with a little personality! Gorgeous photography, great writing, clean design overall. Telling the human pro-people story and explaining what makes this organization different is an awesome brand boost.

What comes to mind for Joey is this site is responsive, where the previous site was not. We know users are definitely exploring Clean Energy Works' site via their mobile device, so the mobile responsive design allows the visitor to navigate the site efficiently from whatever device they have handy.

Joey also loves that from a development standpoint the site is now build on a solid, well documented foundation which will make maintaining it infinitely easier.

I think Jill says it well: "We created a tool that empowers our client to speak the brand - these kinds of projects remind me why I chose to be in this business." YEAH baby.

All these accomplishments are good cause for celebration, but I think my favorite part of the project was receiving an email at the end from our divine client Stephanie Swanson, CEW's director of marketing. "Grady Britton is that rare partner who anticipates needs before they are spoken. Our new website is yet another manifestation of great brand work you’ve delivered consistently for Clean Energy Works. You understand how to distill the complexity of our business into a simplified ‘voice' for homeowners, set against a backdrop of current reality and future aspirations.”

[Blush blush.]

Congrats to Clean Energy Works on this huge milestone. We're crazy proud to be your partner. #brandlove

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October 6, 2014
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