Bookmark Ideas: Boosting Online Traffic, Conversions

Hey gang, it’s the next installment of December Content U here at GB, courtesy of MarketingProfsU.  This installment comes from a session we heard yesterday that had our Delicious tag button burnin’. John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing shared his list of must-have online resources for driving website conversions.  Herewith, his list of essential tools: For content subject matter inspiration, try:

RSS Aggregators/Readers:

To better understand and nurture your web traffic consider:

  • Unbounce:  a simple landing page building tool/service (of course you could call GB too)
  • Flowtown: provides a social graph of your web visitors after you collect an email address.
  • SendPepper: auto-follow-up message generator, via email, print or electronic direct mail.

For online slidecasts:

John also gave a tip we felt was share-worthy, since we get asked this question frequently.  If you want to customize and self-filter an RSS feed on your site, try this: tag any online mentions you find worthy of your RSS feed, tag it w/ a Delicious tag, and then use that Delicious tag to feed in the hand-picked results you want to feature in your RSS feed.

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December 10, 2010
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