Millennials and Humor

The New York Times shared a cool story recently about young men and their appreciation for humor. They highlighted research that Comedy Central has been conducting in order to better understand how their audience and technology cross over… which is pretty interesting to us as well. The article says a lot about the Millennial generation — as well as their future as consumers. It also reiterates the importance of understanding your audience. In addition to humor being crucial to these young mens’ self-definition or popularity, research revealed that for these “comedy natives,” comedy is central to who they are and the way they connect with other people. That’s the piece that sticks. With this generation, it’s less about product features and more about making an authentic connection. Which is fantastic news for us as content creators. In this case, if we understand our audience… if we can make Millennials laugh… then they will absolutely reward us with tweets, reblogs and their business. They’re not supporting a brand; they’re supporting a part of themselves. As the article states, the lesson here is that you should be chasing your fans… not the other way around. “Millennials will never blame themselves. They think: what does it say about the brand that you’re not everywhere that I am?” That’s the future we need to be prepared for — a lot less selling and a lot more authenticity.

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March 12, 2012
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