Positioning Women's Healthcare Associates

The area's foremost provider of female-focused healthcare

No matter what stage of life she's in, a woman receiving care from Women's Healthcare Associates (WHA) will experience the most dedicated, human, and personal healthcare imaginable. Bringing that dedication and passion to life in the market was our charge—separating it from cold, bureaucratic, systematic healthcare with heart, optimism, and a bold, inclusive voice.

Differentiation starts digitally: thoughtful website redesign tailors information to each visitor’s lifestage.

Healthcare Uncomplicated

We took WHA’s wealth of helpful content and reorganized it contextually so that patients get the right information at the right time. This gives patients more confidence and helps better prepare them for discussing challenging health topics with their provider.

WHA's inspired new stand was activated across targeted outdoor, transit, digital and social channels.

25.3 Million
Impressions throuhgout the Portland Metro area
Increase in Facebook followers

We believe in Womanhood, airbrush free.

Together we listen.
This is the most advanced technology we have.

Increase in website traffic
Increase in Facebook post shares
Increase in Facebook post engagement
"Ladybits" bags distributed to the community

"We have been consistently blown away by the creative executions developed by Grady Britton. Everything is firmly rooted in the logic of our research findings and strategy and fits our organization perfectly—but is so completely unique and fresh in the approach. This is what working with true professionals should feel like. The hardest part has been deciding between equally resonant—and beautiful—options."

Jennifer Norberg
Director of Marketing
Women’s Healthcare Associates

Distinctive new logo and vision for the WHA brand telegraphed a "bare-it-all" simplicity that set them apart in the healthcare world.
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Social Media and PR
Robust social media and PR strategy helped propel their new brand forward to the women's healthcare audience.
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Advertising and Outdoor
Specially targeted ad opportunities in print, digital, billboard and transit brought the brand to life.
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Sleek, responsive website for the opening of their new birth center reflected a modern, patient-first position.
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