The Worst Pinterest Pin

Recently, social media marketing startup Curalate published a report detailing what makes images successful on Pinterest. The perfect Pinterest pin, according to their data? This photo of a tomato, cucumber, and onion salad, pinned along with a recipe from Paula Deen. 


Above: And no one is surprised.

 Photo Credit:

It’s Curalate’s metrics that are most interesting. Based on the firm’s research, warm, bright, colorful images get pinned more often. Pinners also prefer smooth lines, wide aspect ratios, and inanimate objects— that is, anything without a face. Because why would you pin a face, right? Hmmm, right. 

Since Science(!) has determined the best Pinterest pin, we wondered: what, in theory, is the worst one? So we looked for a picture with the following qualities:

  • Cool, desaturated colors
  • Rough edges
  • Narrow aspect ratio
  • A face

Here’s what we found:


Above: Definitely not a salad.

Illustration Credit: Sam Nielson via

Alright, its worst pin status is debatable, but we HAVE determined one important fact: Clint Eastwood is the opposite of cucumber salad.

And for that, we consider the experiment a rousing success.


(PS: Clint rules, and so does this illustration – Pinterest or not.)


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June 14, 2013
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