Infographic: Social engagement ROI measured

A couple months ago there was a story floating around about how Morton’s Steakhouse delivered a steak to a passenger (Peter Shankman) landing at Newark Airport. They did so after seeing a tweet from Mr. Shankman, jokingly requesting one. The social and viral buzz that followed was nothing short of impressive, not to mention the goodwill that resulted for Morton’s. It got us crunching some hypothetical numbers: what was the cost to Morton’s for proactively responding to that single tweet, and what was the soft ROI that resulted from their social engagement efforts? It’s no way scientific, but here’s our infographic to illustrate what we came up with:

Morton's Steakhouse Twitter ROI case study

Just goes to show how effective online engagement can be. Consistently and authentically engaging with customers one-to-one online… rewarding loyal fans…real-time communication…that’s how you treat customers. We love it.

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December 1, 2011
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