On PR Daily: Successful PR is More than Impressions

In PR, there is a lot of pressure to set goals and deliver on metric-driven key performance indicators (KPIs). After all, that numerical data is available. Sometimes those numbers look really great. And big. But in an industry as largely nuanced as PR, success simply cannot be measured by impressions and mentions alone.

GB PR Account Supervisor Kayla Golden writes in PR Daily about how PR can’t be measured in the same way sales can, so PR professionals have to champion the creation of KPIs that both reflect the work done and also demonstrate its value. As she says, “Recognizing what matters most to our clients and understanding the type of work that goes into achieving those results is the first step in helping them understand that successful PR is built upon a combination of quantified growth metrics and qualified intangible value.”

Kayla shares the questions to ask to help align with clients early on and set true metrics of success.

Read the article on PR Daily.

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June 16, 2020
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