In GDUSA: Forward Greens Brand Work

Newly featured in GDUSA, our new brand work for sustainable vertical farm, Forward Greens! For nearly 60 years, GDUSA has covered everything from new work to new technology in the graphic design industry, and we’re pretty excited to now see our work.

A little background: Forward Greens farms for the love of community, food and the planet. No pesticides, no GMOs, no nonsense — just 19 days, on average, from seed to shelf. To illustrate that, the design is vibrantly colorful. And the packaging is one of a kind.

Selected after a lengthy packaging search process to find the smallest footprint possible, something sustainable and something that offers a simpler production process, the tetrahedron is a completely different look for the produce aisle. As bagged lettuces is a crowded market, the look had to be distinctive to stand out. 

And see the full feature on GDUSA here.

(Forward Greens was also featured in Packaging of the World.)

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August 19, 2020
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