Listen on Dendrocast: The Role Of Values In Agency Growth

“What’s the purpose of having core values at your agency? What role do they play in the agency’s positioning and growth?” GB President Paige Campbell answers this and more on the latest podcast episode from Dendrocast, The Role Of Values In Agency Growth.

When Paige and Andy Askren bought Grady Britton 10 years ago, they wondered…why would a city already saturated with agencies need another one? They decided a strong set of values was the answer to that question, and still is every day. From the people they hire, to the clients they partner with, to the work that’s produced, leading by values is a top-down business decision at Grady Britton.

On Dendrocast, Paige shares how this business model affects operations — for new business, culture and management. Listen now.

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February 25, 2020
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