Celebrating the Launch of the 2013 Willamette Week Give!Guide Website

We love what Willamette Week has been doing over the past year with its Give!Guide Program. Think of Give!Guide as their catalogue of Portland-area non-profits who are worthy recipients of charitable giving. You and I can browse a printed edition or a website listing of the wonderful non-profits in the area, and select one, two or a MILLION (ok several) organizations to whom you want to provide end-of-year donations. All this can be completed via a single transaction online. Pretty cool!giveguide logo

Equally cool is a deeper goal of the Give!Guide Program: to encourage 18-35 year olds to get involved in philanthropy. Their idea is that if young people begin supporting non-profit organizations at a young age, even at small levels, they are likely to continue to give as they get older, and the amount of their support is likely to grow with their incomes. We love that it’s instilling the value of investing in our community, too.

This year Willamette Week asked Grady Britton to help them pimp out their website giving engine — especially to make it a responsive site for mobile (and therefore more in line with this younger crowd of their user base). This mobile-friendliness was vitally important to the donation goals for WW: they hope to grow donations to $2.7mm, up from $2.1mm last year, and recognized that a significant portion of donations would likely be done on mobileā€¦if the site was mobile-optimized. Which brings us present: the launch of giveguide.org!

We’re really proud of the design, of course, but also some subtler sexy things that make the responsive experience sing: the single page scroller, a much more dynamic donation progress indicators and stats, and an overall clean and minimal layout lets the site get out of the way and the money flow.

Aaaand, speaking of the money flowing, while you’re checking out the site, if you see a non-prof or two that you feel is deserving of a gift, we hope you’ll click and spread the love. They are 129 organizations in the system seeking donations ranging from $10 to thousands of dollars, so there’s bound to be someone who fits your passion and your pocketbook.

Thanks for checking it out, and thanks for making a donation to these amazing organizations. They do so much for our region, and we are grateful to Willamette Week for organizing this.

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November 6, 2013
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