Introducing Lauren Howell, GB’s New Digital Product Manager

Meet Lauren Howell, our new Digital Product Manager. Lauren is an interactive producer, visual artist, photographer, experience designer, and the founder of TinyBit Studio. A staunch design thinker and advocate for creating experiences that matter, Lauren believes that “all things start small”—a personal philosophy evidenced by “Look Closely And See,” her Instagram account dedicated to macro flower photography. When she’s not geeking about VR, UX, or the wonders of the natural world, Lauren creates artwork for projects like “Paths of Eternity,” a board game coming soon to Kickstarter.

For more from Lauren, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, Medium, or LinkedIn. But before you do, stick around for her answers to ten of our patented new hire questions:

GRADY BRITTON: What drew you to Grady Britton?

LAUREN HOWELL: I could tell very quickly that this is a group of talented and dedicated people who want to make the world a better place through their work, and I wanted to be a part of that!

What do you hope to accomplish in 2017?

I’m a VR enthusiast ?, and I want to build my first VR app in Unity!

What are three words that your friends or family would use to describe you?

Dora. The. Explorer.

What is your greatest irrational fear?

Literally that I will send an email one day and make a highly inappropriate typo while trying to spell “Please find the attached DECK.” It sometimes keeps me awake at night—I am not kidding!

What TV show or movie have you watched multiple times?

The Yellow Submarine is my favorite movie of all time. I watched it as a kid and I think it somehow reprogrammed my brain. I have this movie to thank for everything about me that is weird.

Who is your dream client?

Crayola. I want to build Crayola’s site! I have a million ideas about how to make that into an incredible experience!

What gets you up in the morning?

Coffee gets me up in the morning. The drive to make things that matter with other people who care—that keeps me going!

What is your favorite type of food or dish?

Matzah ball soup.

Where is your favorite place you’ve visited in the world?

Cozumel, so far. But I want to see many more places!

Dogs or cats?

Cats, except for Pepper, the most adorable office dog in the whole world!

What are your favorite sports teams?

What is sports?

If you want to learn more about Lauren, feel free to send her an email at [email protected]!

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August 24, 2017
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